Mass Shootings – Run, Hide, Fight

Mass shootings in the US and elsewhere have skyrocketed in 2015. According to the Guardian, there have been 1052 mass shootings in 1066 days after the Newtown Shooting of December 2012. We have seen shootings in shopping centers, in the workplace, at University, at College, in Schools, in stadiums, in parks, at church, at mosques, at synagogue, etc. There are no sacred places in terms of shootings. The sad reality is that we cannot predict where the next shooting will be but we can only know that it will occur. We can also not predict who will be the shooter as these individuals enact mass shootings for a variety of reasons. All we can do is be vigilant and tolerant to ensure that we can protect ourselves, colleagues, friends and family. In the unfortunate case that you are in the vicinity of an unfolding tragic active shooter scenario – you want to run as far and as fast as you can, you want to hide in a closet, under desks or anywhere away from doors or windows, or if you have to then you may have to help fight off the attacker if you can according to the FBI. These are wise words that are heartbreaking to consider when shooters will target children as well as adults indiscriminately.  …Sue Abu-Hakima, CEO Amika Mobile

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