10 Enterprise Requirements for Emergency Preparedness – Revisited: #4 All Communications Layers

Any organization will have a number of communications methods with its employees. Some carry their mobile phone everywhere. Others typically work at a desk communicating through email or on the web. Others will move around the organization. Some organizations such as those serving the public in healthcare or government will have visitors and waiting rooms. Most of these waiting rooms have some sort of overhead display to keep people occupied while they wait.  Many organizations have public announcement systems that they can announce over.  The only thing we can predict is that we will not know what end users are typically doing in an emergency or critical situation. This is why it is essential to alert on all layers during critical and emergency events. It is also key to select alert/response systems that support 2-way communications. Systems such as the Amika Mobility Server will support any number of communication layers including getting out to social networks for organizations to control the messaging about their alerts. See www.amikamobile.com under AMS  products. I wrote this blog originally on September, 28th, 2012 as a http://blog.amikamobile.com/?p=59” blog and have refined it today.    …Sue Abu-Hakima

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