10 Enterprise Requirements for Emergency Preparedness – Revisited: #1 ANY device

As more and more enterprise users bring their own devices to work,

Mon Jul 07 16:39:58 EDT 2014

referred to as  BYOD (according to  Gartner). BYOD has to be part of the set of devices that Critical & Emergency Notification Systems Alert to.  At any one time, a user in the enterprise can be addressed by anywhere from 3 to 6 devices – desktop, desk phone, business mobile phone as well as digital tablet, laptop and possibly a second personal mobile phone. As such, the emergency alerting system needs to address all these user identities. Typically, the mobile devices are addressed by hard-coding email addresses and phone numbers in contacts databases. This is certainly not good enough as users cannot be tethered to their desks. This is why auto-discovery of user devices is essential for a practical emergency alerting system.   See www.amikamobile.com under AMS products.  I wrote this http://blog.amikamobile.com/?m=201205” blog originally May 4th, 2012 and have made essentially no modifications as this all still applies besides referring the reader to the  AMS.  ..Sue Abu-Hakima, CEO Amika Mobile

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