Workplace Violence – Top 6 actions to take – #6 Recovery – taking back the workplace

Recovery of the workplace after an incident is by no means a simple process. Depending on how violent the incident is – from a minor physical injury such as a slap, a punch or a kick to a major one such as someone being stabbed, shot or even killed, there will have to be a set of policies and procedures for the workplace and teams at work to heal. Five things immediately come to mind to help heal as supported by  OSHA: Time off – as long as they need – some employees will recover and some will not and will need to go on extended leave; Change of offices may be needed depending on the violence of the act, to another  town, city, or even state; Recognition of the terrible incident with a memorial or plaque or garden to honor any loss of life; Allowing people to grieve  since people will react differently; Allowing people to heal and being sensitive to their process; Re-educating people on the code of conduct in the workplace and learning to recognize individuals and situations that will boil over before it is too late. The length of time to recover will be dependent on the individuals and their ability to cope. It is essential to have policies and procedures in place to deal with workplace violence which is sadly becoming so prevalent today.  ….Sue Abu-Hakima, CEO Amika Mobile

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