Workplace Violence – Top 6 actions to take – #4 How Technology Helps

Many recent events at the workplace have escalated into violence with knives and shootings. In the US, every year according to OSHA  there are a staggering 2  Million incidents reported. Recently, in  Toronto CBC reported that  an employee was being fired when he then attacked his colleagues and stabbed 4 of them within minutes. Similarly, in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, a man shot 4 of his colleagues leaving 2 dead and 2 critical. It is essential for security officers in the workplace to think about issues in advance and bring the C-suite in to help ensure that there are technology capabilities in the workplace to help limit the violence. Three main technology areas come to mind: Panic buttons, Lockdown technology and critical and emergency communication software,  Panic buttons can be on mobile phones for employees or those at risk, for front office staff employers can consider desktop, wall-mounted, or even foot pedal panic buttons. Panic buttons can also be linked to technology that triggers lockdowns of all doors and windows in critical or emergency situations. Finally, mass communication capabilities quickly alert employees on all communication layers and keeps them informed with security team 2-way communications as the situation is diffused and control is taken back from the attacker(s).    …Sue Abu-Hakima, CEO Amika Mobile

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