Workplace Violence – Top 6 actions to take – #2 Education

A key aspect to reducing workplace violence is education. There are many resources to look at on the web including some comprehensive ones from the Office of the Safety and Health Administration or OSHA. There are some rules of thumb in terms of making employees aware of potential violence and to prevent escalation. Employees need to be aware of any form of harassment and be provided with confidential methods to report it. Make sure everyone knows what the expected code of conduct or workplace behavior should be – role playing with a safe external third party running it to ensure people can recognize harassment may be worthwhile. Make sure work teams get along and differences are accepted. Be ready to get HR or an external consultant involved if any behaviors seem off or begin to escalate. If an employee needs to be removed, ensure adequate security is provided to avoid recent incidents like the workplace shootings or stabbings in Toronto and elsewhere.  …Sue Abu-Hakima, CEO

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