Workplace Violence – Top 6 actions to take – #1 Vigilance

Workplace violence from bullying is very real with nearly 50% of US employees experiencing or observing some form of bullying in their careers. According to the Canadian Initiative on Workplace Violence the violence can take on any form of harassment be it verbal or physical. Every state in the US and every province in Canada has laws that are intended to protect employees from workplace violence and it is the fiduciary responsibility of the employer to ensure their employees are safe. It is very important to educate employees on what workplace violence and harassment are and to keep them vigilant so that it does not escalate. Many resources on-line exist today that can help educate employees on this. There are also a number of consultants that can help educate employees on what to look for to avoid escalation to very violent acts. …Sue Abu-Hakima, CEO Amika Mobile.

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