10 Means to help better Secure our Schools – #10 Leverage Technology

The 10th and final means to ensure better school safety is to leverage technology where you can and make it fit into your emergency planning. As more and more students and faculty are walking around with mobile phones, you have the perfect mechanism to help keep them in the loop in critical situations. There are a myriad of technologies to choose from so it is important to look at your needs at the school to minimize your risks. If you have WiFi deployed, you can leverage that as all Smartphones today are deployed with WiFi. You can also leverage SMS, Email and Callouts to the phones. For the computers, laptops, ePads and electronic blackboards – you can leverage Pop-ups. You can also leverage access control systems to trigger lockdowns in the school when an active shooter is detected. Today’s world is very technologically rich in comparison to even 5 years ago – as such, we would likely save many lives if we leverage the technology properly. …. Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima, CEO Amika Mobile www.amikamobile.com

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