10 Means to help better Secure our Schools – #8 Annual Security Audits

As schools are heading out for the summer, it is a good idea to review school safety and carry out an audit of how safe the school is. There are a number of resources on the web such as this list from the Virginia School District and modified by the NY State Police. In the audit there are a number of areas to examine such as the exterior of the school and the play areas. Also important are the various zones such as the various entrances, the drop-off zones, etc. Another key area is the interior of the school and how all the windows and doors close and shut and those in the high risk areas (such as front office, main floor windows and doors, basement windows, back doors,  etc.) can be secured or locked in an emergency. Another important area is the two-way communication between staff, the office and first responders for emergencies such as fires or attacks. Key is also alerting the student population and allowing 2-way communication with those in need as well as parents and the community. In addition, policies and procedures should be reviewed annually to ensure that they can be met and improved on based on the previous year. Finally, on-premise personnel and their training in life safety and security can be audited to ensure that the immediate response as the emergency arises before first responders get there is in line with the situation. … Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima, CEO,  Amika Mobile

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