10 Means to help better Secure our Schools – #7 2-way Communications on Maximum # Pathways

According to research reports, nearly 80% of kids today carry a mobile phone. Having such a device may not have always been a great idea for schools, however, the reality of today is that most parents are insisting that their kids have a phone and be allowed to use it in an emergency. As such, if an emergency does happen in a school, there is a lot more than just the fire alarm and PA system to rely on. Even the WEA  alerts from FEMA can be received in a weather-emergency affected area by enabled mobile phones. Some kids also carry a laptop or an ePad and many classrooms are equipped with computers and electronic blackboards. In a critical situation or emergency, all these devices can be alerted from 1 console with an alert that would Pop-up the information on the phones, computers, laptops, TV monitors in common areas, deliver text messages to the mobile phones, announce over the PA, etc. Amika Mobile has taken the approach to ensure that any and all devices be they wired or wireless be alerted in a true emergency by supporting 18 layers for those alerts. …Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima, CEO Amika Mobile

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