10 Means to help better Secure our Schools – #4 Secure Main Access to Facility

Fri Apr 05 13:26:17 EDT 2013

An intruder in a school will typically enter through the main doors and find a place to hide – such as in the basement, a closet or even a bathroom. Many attacks on school children have resulted from an intruder somehow gaining access through the main, side or back door. This is one reason why there should be only one main entrance and the main entrance to a facility needs to be separated so that visitors and the reason for their entry to the school verified. Main entrances to most schools typically allow people to turn left, right, go straight or even go upstairs or downstairs. Such free access should only be granted to students and staff from the main entrance after they badge in. A main entrance in a secure facility would require visitors to be in a holding area before being allowed to roam after their identity and purpose for their visit is verified by security. Some schools now have metal detectors that their staff and students are required to pass through before entry. Others have access control badges.   Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima, CEO Amika Mobile

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