10 Means to Help better Secure our Schools – #1 Vigilance

As I look at the data from Slate.com for 2013, I am astounded by how many shootings have occurred since the Newtown  tragedy in the US. There have been 3,027 US deaths since Newtown due to shootings. As a specialist in the area of public safety and security, I thought it best to look at ways for schools to protect themselves. The first one is vigilance. According to a  December 2012 report from the National School Boards Association NSBA.org, every classroom has 1 student with a mental health issue that requires some form of attention or treatment. Without vigilance to the issue of mental health that students face, school shootings are likely to continue. The report has many recommendations to assist schools and is well worth a review.  …Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima, CEO Amika Mobile

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