10 Enterprise Requirements for Critical & Emergency Alerts: #2 Any network

An enterprise typically has a myriad of networks including: a LAN for its desktops and servers; a WiFi network for its users to wander the facilities with laptops, ePads and Smartphones that sometimes browse WiFi; its VoIP network that is linked to some carrier network for inbound/outbound calling; a Public Address (PA) System for announcements; a Paging network; an email system; social networks like Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn; camera monitoring networks; access control systems; fire monitoring systems; etc. It is thus no surprise that an organizational critical and emergency system cannot assume that all users can only be reached through SMS, email or Voice. As such, in an emergency First Responders agree that the enterprise needs to leverage all its networks to deliver critical and emergency alerts to targeted groups or en masse paying special attention to all the personal mobile devices people are bringing in. …Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima, CEO Amika Mobile

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