10 Enterprise Requirements for Critical & Emergency Alerts: #1 Any Device

As more and more enterprise users bring their own devices to work –  BYOD – as it is commonly referred to has to be part of the set of devices that Critical & Emergency Notification Systems Alert to. At any one time, a user in the enterprise can be addressed by anywhere from 3 to 6 devices – desktop, desk phone, business mobile phone as well as digital tablet, laptop and possibly a second personal mobile phone. As such, the emergency alerting system needs to address all these user identities. Typically, the mobile devices are addressed by hard-coding email addresses and phone numbers in contacts databases. This is certainly not good enough as users cannot be tethered to their desks and the device they have currently active as the personal one, may be the only one they are carrying around. This is why auto-discovery of user devices is essential for a practical emergency alerting system. …Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima, CEO Amika Mobile

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