Critical and Emergency Alerting’s Increasing Requirement at the Enterprise

At the most recent ASIS 2011 in Orlando, Florida a discernable shift in the market continued to occur. At ASIS 2009, many of the enquiries for critical alerting came from University and College requirements to adhere to the Clery and Higher Education Acts to ensure the safety of students on campus post Virginia Tech. At ASIS 2010, a shift in the market started with requests from other sectors such as healthcare, finance and government. This shift continued this year with three times the number of organizations approaching Amika Mobile from all sectors. Why is this requirement occurring? A number of reasons come to mind – employers have to comply with laws and want to ensure that their employees are safe from  workplace violence. External threats from disgruntled individuals tend to increase in difficult times. Finally, the global unrest and threats continue to drive transportation security laws and decision makers to capabilities to ensure the safety of individuals in their facilities be they public places like airports and sports arenas or private facilities where watch lists are kept to ensure individuals that should not get access, are kept out. …Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima, CEO Amika Mobile

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