School Explosion and PA Warning System Failure

Very sad story broadcast in the news today. Eric Leighton, an 18 yr old student from a local Ottawa High School died after an explosion in shop class. Four others including the teacher were injured as the students were making BBQs and the canister exploded as the student was welding. It seems the canisters had highly combustible peppermint oil in them previously. To compound this, the school’s warning PA system failed. Today, students, teachers and school staff are walking around with mobile devices. All classrooms have telephones. All schools also have LANs with classroom computers. Any number of systems and technologies would have helped the 1600 people in the school get informed as they proceeded to safety. Instead staff had to run between classrooms and get an evacuation going. Clearly, our schools need to adopt new technologies to keep up with their students as they stay informed about everything. …Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima, CEO Amika Mobile

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