Emergency Alerting for Public Safety – Top 10 needs – # 10 – Simultaneous Broadcasts

It is impossible to predict where an end user will be when there is an emergency. They may be at an airport waiting for a flight, they may be visiting someone at their offices, they may be visiting a colleague at a University, they may be speaking on the telephone, they may be waiting for care at an emergency center in a hospital, etc. As such, it is impractical to rely that an emergency alerting system would always have the correct contact information whether it is an email address or phone number. This is why it is essential for alerting systems to include the auto-discovery of devices in the vicinity as part of the solution. As such, any discovered device on the network such as a Smartphone, laptop, iPad, iPod Touch, Playbook, Public Speaker or TV monitor must be alerted. People move around and the technology must be evolved to adapt to their habits. Furthermore, a person will have many devices that can be contacted and the safest way to ensure that they get the message is not to assume one over the other but broadcast simultaneously to all. …Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima, CEO Amika Mobile


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