Emergency Alerting for Public Safety – Top 10 needs – #3 – situational awareness

Very often in an emergency where a full evacuation of a building or campus is required by First Responders, there is a requirement to ensure that everyone is out and safe. What happens if someone is in a basement in a campus with 20 or 30 buildings that need evacuation? This person needs to be alerted in an emergency. Loudspeakers may reach them – however, they more than likely have nice headphones blasting great music in their ears. In the event that they get a Pop-up alert on their desktop or SmartPhone – they may realize there is indeed an emergency. What if they cannot get out? They need to provide a response to an alert. In the Industry, this is known as a 2-way communication which provides situational awareness – where they get an alert and they respond to it. It could be an SMS alert – so they need 2-way SMS. It could be email, it could be a desktop or laptop Pop-up – regardless, they need to let the First Responders know they are trapped. …Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima, CEO Amika Mobile

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